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Love Is ...

Back in late July of 2021, I posted on my FB page that a friend of mine was going through one of the most hardest times of her life, she lost her beloved husband, the love of her life. When she asked me to speak at his funeral, I so badly wanted to leave her with a gift, something that she could hold onto tangibly as time went on and she continued to live her life.

As someone who was a bystander the night they met and one who continued to enjoy watching their "Love Story" grow, my speech slowly turned into a series of poems reflecting the first night they met and how they later shared their lives with all of us cheering them on along the way.

Series 1 of "Love Is ..." is "their story". I hope that others are willing to share their experiences with me so that I can add many more "love" stories for all of us to remember how important it is for us to cherish the beauty of "Love" and be happy for those who are living in it during their present moment.


This blog is dedicated to my dear friend Lucy Martinez and her "Gato" Felix. This series is a reflection of their "love" as seen through my eyes. Lucy gave me permission to share with everyone.

In memory of Felix Martinez

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