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Love Is ... Part 1: La Mujer y su Gato

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

The first part of my new "Love Is..." series is dedicated to my dear friend Lucy Martinez and her "Gato" Felix. This series is a reflection of their "love" as seen through my eyes. Lucy gave me permission to share with everyone.

In memory of Felix Martinez . The first night Felix and Lucy met.

Love is when two lovers dance for the very first time,

allowing the music to engulf their hearts, mesmerize their minds.

The beating of their hearts synchronizes with the rhythm,

dictating their every move from that moment on into tomorrow.

Tonight, the first few notes of their symphony slowly appear upon the music sheet,

note by note, clef by clef, treble and bass as the melody plays...

"La Mujer y su Gato"

... harmonizing two hearts and two minds into one.

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