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Love Is ... Part 2: La Mujer y su Gato - Mi Corazon es para siempre tuya

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Love Is Series 1 - Part 2: "La Mujer y su Gato - Mi Corazon es Para Siempre Tuya"

is dedicated to my dear friend Lucy Martinez and her "Gato" Felix. This series is a reflection of their "love" as seen through my eyes. Lucy gave me permission to share with everyone.

In memory of Felix Martinez . The first night Felix and Lucy met.

Love is when your lover sings to you for the very first time

Who is this man who held out his hand and asked her to dance so gracefully? Un “Caballero” que le canta el corazón?

Looking nonchalantly upon the stage ... she catches a glimpse of that sparkle in his eye, with each word that flows through, she becomes unaware of her pulse gradually intensifying.

She gazes upon his lips... as the words of a love song fall gently upon her ears, she can feel her heart pound louder and louder, skipping a beat as the crooner sings “Te quiero mucho ...”

As the bass drops, her heart does too, filling that empty space with colors and images so vibrant with a song so sweet that not even a nightingale serenade can compare.

At that moment, they begin their second verse, "de una canción romántica“

"La Mujer y su Gato - Mi Corazon es para siempre tuya…”

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