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Dusting Off The Desires Of Your Heart

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Single, Fabulous & Fostering Series

I was at my parent's house today. My mom found an old disc of mine titled "Journal".. it was something I kept during law school.

Funny how these little things pop up to remind you of what your heart's desires have been for decades. Desires that maybe have been put in the back of your heart from time to time when life get's busy, but still remains. Thank you God for this little reminder. I am creating an official blog around my journey to foster care today.

Strolling through my old digital journal, I found something that I wrote back on March 30th, 2006, when writing about entering law school in my 30's and the expectations that "society" had of me or other people's worries (not mine) of things I was not going to be able to accomplish because I was so focused on my present goals.

March 30th 2006 - Journal Entry: ... especially when they start talking about kids I am often asked "Jenny, when do you finish law school? How old would you be? 36? How do you think you will fit marriage & family in there? You aren't afraid of being too old to have kids?

These comments I get a lot in regards to kids. Aren't you afraid of getting too old to have them?

I must admit there was a point in time in my life that I really, really wanted them, and I was afraid of getting too old. To be honest with you though, I am now 33, and I just don’t see that in my near future. I have come to the acceptance that I may never have children .... bear them at least ... and you know what? You guessed it, that is all right!!!

When people usually ask me that question, I normally say “Well, what ever God has for me in life. It may not be my purpose here on earth to bear children, that may not be in God’s plans. It may be in his plans for me to adopt. I mean there are a lot of kids out in this world who are abandoned and do not have anyone to take care of them. Maybe if I adopt that one kid that needs me, they just might end up being the next president or something. But had not I adopted him/her, they might have just ended up in the streets or in jail for the rest of their lives. Maybe that is one reason why I, Jenny Chamberlain was created. Created to love someone else’s child”.

Present Day

Sometimes we need to get those little desires, goals that we placed in the back of our heart out and blow the dust off. When we do, we allow them to become vibrant again living in the forefront of our hearts.

I turn 48 on January 3rd, in March of 2019 I should have my 1st placement for a foster child. Thirteen years later.., answering the call and fulfilling a dream. Wow. Life is awesome!

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