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Ode To Wayne G. Mitchell -The Man With The Superman Smile!

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

In Memory Of My Loving Friend

Dear Wayne,

When I close my eyes, I see you with those Clark Kent glasses, smiling from cheek to cheek with that Superman smile of yours.

With hands pulling at both ends of a white suspendered collard shirt, you cheekily reveal that big red "S" symbol underneath saying “I have arrived, the show can now begin! Bet, you didn't know I was a Superman?"

But, Oh Wayne, you silly rascal you! You thought you hid your "Superman" persona from all of us; as your heart swiftly and generously with the perfect amount of grace swept and poured out your love onto others.

We saw it all Wayne, you thought you were sneaky but we knew because how can you hide this kind of "Superman Love" that lived inside of you?

It was exponential, resonated, thrived, overflowed like fine wine into the hearts of others. Your kind of love was like a blazing flame shooting up into the sky igniting love into the world, leaving all of us a desire to love back.

Whenever you walked into a room, your mere presence lit up the world to those around you. You healed, brought warmth and comfort to so many. What you thought you secretly hid, sparked through you like the sun.

When I was talking to Rick last night, he told me you would come home from an event so happy and say "My Christmas lights got lit up!!!" because certain people would light up your Christmas lights when they brought joy to your soul.

Wayne, do you know that you just didn’t light up someone’s Christmas lights, but your presence lit up a whole room?

Well, at least you lit up my world Wayne 😊

You made my heart smile from the inside out the moment I spotted you and your Superman smile that made my heart full.

Wayne, do you know how with just one smile you healed a thousand hearts? How by a mere hello you had the ability to make people feel seen and known?

And your hugs, yes your hugs, how many people who needed to feel loved, felt immense joyous love just by your simple embrace?

And now, we are honored by your embrace with every passing of the wind, your smile resonates with each star that lights up the midnight sky..

Today is your birthday and I know you are blowing out some big candles out there in this vast universe of ours flying high in the artistic sky.

Your are the definition of Love and I thank you for your friendship, your legacy of "Love" will live on in all of us.

“The greatest thing you’ll ever know is JUST to love and be LOVED in return.”

~ Eden Abhaz ~

Love you my friend!

Wayne was an artist, poet, photographer, sculptor, and writer. During COVID he decided to take his artistic skills full time and live his dream of opening his own pop-up art gallery. Since 2020, he produced 44 new pieces that are now being displayed at his newly opened Word Color Art Gallery located at 445 Sebastopol Ave, Santa Rosa. The art gallery will be open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from noon until evening until the fall.

If you miss Wayne as much as I do, visit his art gallery, because the moment you walk in, you feel Wayne's "Superman Love" throughout the place.

One of Wayne's biggest passion causes was "Food For Thought" a non-profit organization that help feed people who are critically ill. Wayne loved this organization and the people he silently helped just by listening and loving on them in quiet ways. All proceeds from Wayne's art purchases will go towards "Food For Thought", this continues his legacy of love that will live in all of the lives he has touched.

We love and miss you Wayne, until the next great big event!


Wayne & I all smiles!

This was the last time I saw Wayne.

He tagged me on his FB post and wrote one simple word


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