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High Hills On Her Lips - Denver in 2.5 days!

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

How To Make The Most Out of Denver in 2.5 Days! - July 2022

Day #1: City Park Downtown Denver

One thing I enjoy the most when visiting a city is to blend in with the locals, get a sense of the community's character and how it would feel like to live there. After sleeping in, I woke up with half of day left to explore, therefore opted to take a bike ride along City Park in Downtown Denver.

I love bike riding and the freedom I feel as the wind blows through my hair. With each stroke of the pedal, I am able see parts of the world that some people do not. I like to make frequent stops, people watch, take pictures and soak in the atmosphere. City Park was the perfect addition to my day, in it, I found serenity, nature, community, beauty and rest.

I ended the night at a local neighborhood movie theatre and watched Elvis. I was reminded of the very first time years ago when I watched a movie alone and the feeling of independence it brought. I have learned to love, value and laugh at myself for who I was in the past, who I am in the present and the woman I will be in days to come.

Little did I realize that laughing at myself in days to come was going to be a lot sooner than I thought!

Day #2 - The Rocky Mountains - I Love A Road Trip

"To Laugh At Yourself Is To Love Yourself" ~ Mickey Mouse ~

That moment when you are about to eat a world renown custard ice cream on a waffle cone at Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers and someone comes up to tell you that you still have a price tag on it.

You then realize you have been walking around town like that for the past 2 days and that's the reason why people have been giving you odd looks.

Note: If you look very carefully at the 1st pic I posted at the park, you can see the price tag on the cap too! Geeze, and you thought they were looking at you because you were cute! LOL

Rocky Mountain National Park - Exploring The World

Day .5 - She Was A Butterfly In The Sky

Denver Street Art

I love to explore big cities and their hidden treasures, my eyes are always peeled for what could surprise me next. While driving through the back streets of Denver, I stumbled across inspiring artwork that reminded me of my childhood love for books, to be an upstander and to think before you speak - you never want to be the person who discourages someone else's dream because you are the sunflower that brightens the day. Most of all, you are a butterfly, spread your wings, soar and explore the world!

High Hills on Her Lips and Comfy Shoes on Her Feet

After a busy day admiring the various street art spots throughout Denver, I did what I enjoy the most when visiting a new city; I made a stop at Sephora for a new shade of red, caught a matinee, grabbed a drink and took a stroll down 16th Avenue Alley before heading to the airport for the flight home.

Sephora's #41 High Heels on her lips and comfy shoes on her feet = excellence!

Author's Notes:

One of the best things about solo travel is that you are on your own time and agenda, you get to choose when you rise and when you lie your head down, where you want to go and what time you want to make it happen.

Adventure is at the tip of your fingers, chillin' and rest are at the palm of your hands and each day hold itself on it's own. With a spontaneous heart, if there is something missed, you put it right back on your bucket list as an excuse to come back and explore once more!

I had no agenda whatsoever during my time in Denver, I just new I wanted to do something outdoors and catch a breath of that Rocky Mountain fresh air!

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