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5 Things a Girl Must Do During a 3hr Stop in Chicago!

That one time I had a 3 hour stop in Chicago during the holidays .... five things a girl must do:

1) Take train to DT CHI

2) Eat some great Chicago Pizza at Lou Malnati's

3) Roam around the city like nomad and of course ...

4) Buy a new shade of red lipstick at Sephora! "Be The Boss #12" - because we can are the "Girl Boss" of our own destiny!

Oh ya, I almost forgot:

5) Hide her messy hair underneath her beanie because they can make anything look good. LOL


I love pizza, I don't know why, I just do! Maybe because I am a cheesy kind of girl and

Lou Malnati's Chicago-style pizza did not disappoint! The melted cheese entwined with pepperoni and Malnati's special red sauce dripping down before you can even take a bite was absolutely scrumptious!

I am an explorer at heart, I think I take after my mom who would just pack us kids in the car in search for something adventurous. She could make any road trip exciting, even if was to the grocery store, the best ones were to grandma's house! I carry on that tradition when I visit a new city and make the most out of my trip.

Visiting downtown Chicago was a great example of that.

Some might say, "Jenny, why did you waste your time going all that

way for just 3 hours?" My answer "Why not?". When I arrived on Michigan Avenue's Magnificent Mile, I had no agenda, I just knew that I had enough time to stick to that street and as long as I found pizza and Sephora, everything else was left to fate and spontaneity! My spontaneous heart did not disappoint.

By the time I got to Sephora, my lips were pale pink and freezing cold! I knew I had to find that special color of red to warm me up and keep me determined to finish my quest!

As I walked through those beautiful bold doors, I could feel my senses start to awaken, as I glanced around waiting for something to stand out.

Sephora's Rouge Lacquer's "Be The Boss" did just that with it's shiny silver case, this red-orange lipstick "popped" on my lips reminding me of the Boss Babe that I am!

As soon as I walked outside, I closed my eyes , smelling a buttery hint as I held the lipstick close to me. It's creamy finish felt refreshing upon my dry lips, hydrating them away from the winter cold.

I love old school train stations, one of my favorite ones that I ever visited was Kansas City,

Missouri's Union Station during the holidays, it felt like I travelled through time. Chicago's Union Station came close with Christmas decorations galore!

l learned through years of traveling, that I need to make the most of things, explore this great big world of ours and live spontaneously. "Be The Boss", take life by the horns and run with it don't waste time because you may never get that chance to explore again.

All Aboard! Are you ready for your next adventure?

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