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Beauty In Our Imperfections

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Write Your Story Series

There is beauty in our imperfections. When we embrace the “imperfectness” lying within the golden ratio, we unlock the gateway to the “beautiful” that leads us beyond the earth’s crust. Like the edges of unleavened bread, trickling all the way down with its savoring flakes scattered about, creating an alluring mess, sometimes chaos, quietly hides the most perfect life, tangible enough for us to grasp tightly.

Just as the apple seed, it slowly transcends itself through time, evolving into a root firmly embedded into the earth, giving rise to the trunk whose strength carries all of its branches. The branches, each having a character of its own, inspires new life that resonates through the glistening skin of a sweet golden apple bursting with flavor, indulging your senses as it rouses your nostrils before you even take a bite.

As the morning dew fades away, the sun accelerates, shining brightly upon your face, waking you up from your somber sleep. In the distance, you vaguely hear “Tomorrow” knocking at your door waiting to say, “Good morning, another day has come, would you like to hold my hand and fly with me?”

Groggily emerging from your sleep, “Imperfect” flows through, mellowing itself halfway between reality and fantasy, just like the sun and the moon. “Is this a dream?” you ask yourself, grinning as you firmly take hold of “Tomorrow’s” hand, not realizing that “Tomorrow” is “Today”.

This is the beauty of our imperfect mind and soul; it can be dazzling and at times intoxicating as we strive for more, to be better people. We often do not realize that as the seasons change, so do we and had we walked the straight, evenly paved road, who would we have become?

The bigger question is: Can we deeply love and embrace each other’s imperfections including our own or do we choose to chase an intangible dream?

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