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The Queen

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Beautiful Girl, Don't You Know? Blog Series

Beautiful girl, Wake up! Wake up! A new day is here, the sun shines so brightly and the birds sing to you the most beautiful song, bringing you out of your sleep. “Stand up on the highest mountain my child, spread your wings and fly!", they sing “The world has beauty waiting for you to discover”.

You resist opening your eyes, desiring to stay in your dreams in which you are no longer Cinderella, but the Queen who rides a white horse through her kingdom in glory.

The wind breezes through your window, the fresh air is reviving, reminding you that it’s time to come home. “How many times have I hit the snooze button? Five? Can I have 10 more minutes?” you grumble out loud, wiping your eyes into focus.

You dread at the thought of opening the door to take a few steps outside; you no longer want to walk with your head down, eyes focused on the ground trying to watch every single step along the way, it’s been too long and you're tired.

You take a deep breath, exhale and look up to the sky for hope.

Beautiful Girl, don’t you know?

When you walk with your head up standing tall, your smile radiates a whole room, even if you are the only one in it?

It is our most challenging times in life that builds our character, shapes us into the women we are to become, strong, resilient and courageous.

You are the Queen of your own story, a heroine who defeats the enemy in the face of adversity. Those are not scars you carry, but badges of honor because you won every battle with dignity.

Beautiful girl, blow those dark clouds away with every inch of your breath knowing that you will come out victorious in the end and stronger for it.

Your dreams are your strength, not your weakness. You are worthy of wishing upon the brightest star in the sky because you outshine them all.

Hold your head up high my Queen, your white horse is waiting for you, not to save you, but so that you may ride through your kingdom in glory and smile.

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