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Single Foster Parenting - Interview on KSCO's "My Empowered Hour" with Jonathan Parkhurst

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Click the link below to listen to the interview:

It was on an honor to be on Jonathan's show and share my experience as a foster parent in hopes that a seed might have been planted for others to do the same or encourage someone to make that final decision to love a child.

I met Jonathan about 2 years ago at a non-profit that a mutual friend of ours works at. As I got to know how him, I saw a story of hope and triumph and he shared why helping at risk-youth, those suffering from drug addiction and homeless stems from his own personal experience of over coming hitting rock bottom.

I encourage you to listen to his weekly radio segment "My Empowered Hour" every Monday from 6pm-7pm to learn more about the work people in your community are doing to help build doors for others to open.

You can download the KSCO app on your mobile phone or listen at:

Here is his bio:


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