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Deciding To Have Bariatric Surgery

his woman is SO me when overcoming my challenges, I flip, turn around and have my people cheering me on every step of the way.

Thank you.

I guess it's time that I be open and share with everyone what I have been up to, or should I say "vulnerably ready"? Is that a term? LOL

Well, I guess it's the voice that is gently nudging me that it's time to share.

After 2 years of intense thought, I have decided to move forward with Bariatric surgery.

Why am I being open about it? Because I promised that still small voice that no matter how much vulnerability scares me, I will be open about my whole process to 1) Take away the stigma around it - that it is the easy way out (its not, more about that later) 2) Erase fears that others might have in taking this step 3) Maybe you're me and your body doesn't function normally like other people and I am here to encourage you that you are not alone.

Each week I will share a little something. Today, I will focus on my reasons why.

1) I have a malfunctioning digestive system which affects how my body absorbs proteins, nutrients, sugars, metabolizes, etc, etc.

This has led me to a rollercoaster lifestyle with weight loss and obesity all my life.

I have pancreas divisum of which I was born with 2 bile ducts instead of one. My gallbladder has also been removed.

This means that my body has to work extra harder to digest food. My pancreas produces more insulin than normal people. () Therefore, I have been borderline diabetic most of my life even though I don't consume a lot of sugar and I stay away from carbs.

I have more than one autoimmune disease.

a) Esophinil Esophagitis- which directly affects my digestive system- there are times that eating food is quite painful - I should be a stick with the amount of food I eat. Really. Instead my body does the opposite. It gets inflamed when I have a reaction.

b) I am celiac intolerant. What is the difference between celiac and gluten? Celiac is the worst version of gluten - yikes!

c) I have acute allergies and asthma.

d) Arthritis- we all know what this does.

All of the above causes inflammation.

3) I am 52 years old and in menopause. What does that mean? Well, ladies, you know! Your hormones are whacked, weight gain, sleepless nights, etc, etc.

4) Today I saw a pulmonary doctor and most likely have sleep apnea(more in separate post). But again, causes weight gain, fatigue, cloudy mind, etc, etc.

Well Jen, why don't you go on a diet and exercise??

I DO!!!! You all have seen me go through my ups and downs with weight.

When I am sick with autoimmune though my body is sore and I need sleep.

I have accepted my fuller face in pics these days because like the lady in the pic - just because I have gained weight, I am not a failure. I jump each and every hurdle, do my flip and ready to start all over ag-gain!!!! Whoot! Whoot!

I am happy knowing that I am doing the work and have tried my hardest and still am!

This is a very long process to even get the surgery of which I will be sharing.

I am thankful for the amazing medical team (and I mean Team of doctors and nurses) at Sutter who have helped me from the beginning and holding my hand even now.

Every single doctor that I tell get's so excited for me! They say that this surgery (gastric sleeve) has changed lives. The surgery will also help my pancreas and digestive system too!

I feel like this truly is an answer to my prayer.

More to come!

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